Wren Sound Systems, LLC


In the last decade, amazing things have happened to the audio industry. The way we get our music is changing rapidly. It’s not a CD and iPod world anymore – smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the primary source for music.

But as music delivery methods have changed, the sound itself has been left behind. There are few, if any, truly standout sound systems that take advantage of the opportunities offered by wireless and streaming technology.

At Wren, we combine cutting-edge technology, old school materials and build quality, and classic audio know-how to deliver beautiful, affordable sound systems to music lovers who have a passion for simplicity, quality and great design.

That’s where the Wren V5 comes in. The team at Wren Sound Systems has decades of experience in the audio business. In a world where audio quality has become an afterthought, we’re applying our expertise to offer a superior – and wallet-friendly – alternative to what’s out there now.

We took our time engineering our sound system’s distinct exterior, and sourced only the highest-quality electronic and acoustic components on the inside. We took great pain to build a wireless sound system that will make truly exceptional audio quality relevant and accessible in a new age of music.

And when you discover Wren, we think you’ll appreciate what we did.

About the founder

Mike Giffin, Founder

Mike Giffin has been on the forefront of some of the most exciting advances in consumer sound system technology. With Wren, he’s on the leading edge once more. As a 35-year veteran of the audio industry, including 22 in a variety of leadership positions with Harman International, the Wren Sound Systems founder has spent his life introducing music lovers to great sound.

“My career has spanned the years from LPs and 8-tracks to Pandora and Spotify, but one thing has remained constant,” Giffin said. “Good sound immerses us in music. It washes our daily troubles away. It energizes us and reminds us what we love about life. Great sound systems like Wren take great music to another level.”