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I am an audiophile. Sort of.

I came of age during the heyday of component audio, from the late 1960s through the ’70s. Back then, when friends got together, we gathered around the stereo system. Without video games, smart phones or the internet, music was central to our social and cultural lives. And the music sounded great. Component audio raised the audio experience to a new level; I was hooked. The better the system, the better the sound – and the better the sound, the closer I felt to the music. Audio became my vocation. Aside from a brief stint as a graduate student in the ’80s, it’s how I’ve made my living since 1977.

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Why I started Wren Sound Systems

I founded Wren Sound Systems to earn a living while having fun building great audio products for the way people live and listen to music today. Big, complicated component systems are out; smaller, simpler systems are in. And the way we get our music is rapidly evolving from CDs and MP3 players to connected devices like smartphones and tablets.

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