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Wren Sound Systems, LLC


Wait! What happens if you buy a Wren for your Android — and then switch to an Apple iPhone later? Or vice versa?

With Wren Sound Systems, that’s not a problem. Change your mind, change your Wren! (You can’t say that for any other speaker on the market, that’s for sure.)

wren_changeHere’s how it works: During the warranty period, for a $99 trade-in fee, Wren Sound Systems will replace your current V5 speaker with a refurbished V5 speaker in like or better condition that works on a different wireless technology.*

At any time during your three-year warranty period, if you decide to switch to a different kind of phone or tablet, we’ll exchange your current V5 speaker with one that works on your device’s new operating system — for just $99 (with free shipping)!

Warranty Details

If you register a new Wren V5 within 30 days of original purchase, we will extend the one-year parts and labor warranty an additional two years — for a total of three years — at no additional charge to you. (Note that you MUST register your Wren V5 to get this extension of the warranty period.)

What’s more, the three-year warranty also extends your “Change Your Mind, Change Your Wren” trade-in period from one year to three years.

The warranty on the replacement speaker will be one year, or the remainder of the warranty period on the speaker we replace — whichever is more favorable to you.

This offer will be honored one time only for each new Wren speaker that you purchase. There is no need for you to register your replacement speaker, as we will update our records when we replace your speaker.

* If Wren Sound Systems determines, in its sole judgment, that your speaker is damaged through abuse, neglect, or accident, additional fees may apply.