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Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi: A new era of old-school sound for Android

Dannie Lau is the Founder and General Manager of Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS, Inc., and the inventor of Play-Fi, a new technology that streams uncompressed audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi networks. Here, he explains what Play-Fi is, what it does for Android devices and why “Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi” is here to stay.

Play-Fi Logo: Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi for AndroidIt seems like only yesterday that CDs were being put to shame by giant hard drives full of music – and now, all of a sudden, people can stream almost any song on the planet, from any device that they want. Services and cloud lockers are hugely popular, and smartphones are becoming the center of the consumer music experience.

Unfortunately, so far, this has meant that we’ve become a world of headphone-wearing antisocial people, and that the experience of listening to music at home, on great-sounding speakers, has fallen by the wayside. No more, though. We created Play-Fi technology specifically to bring music back home.

DTS Play-Fi combines the ease and freedom of mobile listening with fantastic audio quality by using the power of Wi-Fi technology. Almost all of us have a wireless network at home, and every mobile device has Wi-Fi on board. Play-Fi simply uses that connection to create an awesome whole-home audio experience for today’s music consumers. We like to call it “Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi.”

Wireless audio for Android owners

Wren V5PF & Play-Fi: Wireless audio streaming for AndroidWhen we started Phorus with this idea in mind, we were struck by the lack of a great sound solution for Android owners. Rather than ignore this new opportunity, we built Play-Fi from the ground up to work seamlessly with Android phones and tablets. When we began, Android was a blip, but IHS recently predicted that there would be more than 1 billion Android smartphones in use by the end of 2013. Clearly, there are a lot of music enthusiasts carrying those hundreds of millions of Android phones, without a Hi-Fi solution customized for them.

What a thrill it is for us, then, to have partnered with Wren Sound Systems on the custom-crafted V5PF for Android. We love that our first third party Play-Fi partner has created such an incredible sounding, gorgeous piece of audio technology, because Android owners sure deserve to hear their music on a speaker like this.

Like the folks at Wren, we share a passion and dedication to providing the ultimate audio experience, which is why DTS Play-Fi is able to wirelessly transmit high-definition “lossless” audio, with no impact on sound quality. Even better, you can add additional Wren V5PF speakers to create a whole-home wireless audio experience. When listening to the same song throughout the house, it’s perfectly synchronized with no lag. Or you can stream different songs to different rooms, from different mobile devices. Use the companion Wren Play-Fi app for simple system set-up, and then stream music from your device, a media server, your favorite Pandora stadion or from thousands of FM/AM or national radio stations like NPR, ESPN Radio and Radio Disney.

When you think about it, that last paragraph describes ways to listen to music at home that were almost unthinkable a few years ago. Now, with Play-Fi technology and Wren’s attention to audio craftsmanship, for Android music enthusiasts, it’s a whole new, amazing-sounding, world. Turn it up!

– Dannie Lau

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