Wren Sound Systems, LLC

“Wow, what a great device and company to do business with! My Wren was delivered in perfect condition. The packaging was great. So were the start up instructions. Couldn't be easier. The sound is fab. Great highs and lows. I have three stereos in my living room, and I listen to the Wren — enough said!”Francesco DeMascola, Lords Valley, PA
“Excellent speaker for a reasonable price. Well made and easy to set-up and use. I have listened to jazz, classical, opera, and some pop and found the instruments and voices to be distinct and clean. Good bass; even could get a 'feel' for the low organ notes in Bach's great Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.”CBR, Boston, MA
“I love my new V5AP AirPlay Speaker. I'm not an audiophile, but I can sure tell the sound quality difference between the AirPlay connection and my bluetoothed Bose speaker: the former is richer and fuller. Plus it was easy to set up, and it looks great.”Philip Cohen, Arlington, TX
“I absolutely love it. I had it out of the box, set up, and playing within ten minutes time. The sound is incredible — blows the Bose that I formerly used out of the water! It sounds great both at low and higher volume. Incredible speaker.”Jean Shuman, Cumberland, MD
“The more I listen to it the more I like it. Sounds great at low volumes but can play loud without distortion. Dinner guests were really shocked to hear so much great sound coming from such a small device.”Jim Warren, Seattle, WA
“The only thing that may eclipse the performance of the V5AP is Wren's customer service. These guys care about what they do, and they want you to be happy.”Karl Von Beckmann, San Jose, CA
“The V5AP is a beautiful speaker with very good sound quality and easy set-up and operation. I wanted a system that would play podcasts and music simply and intuitively over my wireless network with very good sound without breaking the bank and this fit the bill nicely.”Duane M, Rochester, MN
“Nice construction. Really conveys a sense of quality. Same can be said for the sound this little speaker system produces (bass response is pleasant and the high end is not tinny).”JW, Lincoln, NE
“The one thing that surprised me is how WARM the sound is, especially if I'm listening to classical, opera, or acoustic folk. I didn't expect that, as none of the other wireless speakers I tested had the degree of warmth in their sound that the Wren does. And as an added plus, the thing just looks GOOD.”Christopher Dawson
“Great bass and clean sound! Outstanding looks. It is amazing how much sound this beautiful product delivers. I am actually using it in my living room and listening to it more than my component audio system! Two friends have purchased and feel the way I do.”Rick Jones, Haven Beach, NJ
“As an Apple household we were happy with AirPlay, but it turns out Play-Fi is great and makes using music apps like Spotify so easy that I now often use it for those apps when I rarely used them before. I also got an aptX Bluetooth dongle for our TV and can now use it as a TV speaker too. The versatility is great, and it switches between protocols seamlessly.”Jim from Palo Alto, CA
“As the reviews I read prior to purchasing stated, it was easy to set up; a few minutes out of the box and I had paired 2 tablets, 2 laptops and a cell phone. I am waiting on some other gadgets to arrive to pair my smart TV but I am confident that it will be as seamless. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Wren V5BT. ”Rob Poulton, Lancaster, PA
“Not only is the V5BT speaker very well made, it also sounds and looks great. Very smooth, non-fatiguing highs and beautiful midrange.”Jeff M, San Diego, CA
“The quality of sound from the Wren speaker is simply outstanding, free of any distortion, even at high volumes. I would highly recommend the Wren V5AP speaker!”Robert A. Steiner, Bainbridge Isand, WA
“Having read reviews about the V5AP, my expectations were high. Every aspect of the experience was top-notch. The set-up mirrored my Apple product experiences - natural and with ease. The sound is stellar and what a great look! ”Amazon User
“My Wren AirPlay speaker fits into my life perfectly. It produces beautiful sound (we use it to listen to both opera and the Ramones). It has allowed me to liberate shelf space by replacing my component system. And it looks great.”Phil Everson, New York
“Great speaker for the price. Easy to set-up. I'll be getting another one soon.”James W. Thompson
“Thus far I've been very pleased with the Wren V5AP. Set up was a snap, and the sound quality from the unit is very nice. The Wren V5AP is actually really nice looking and seems well built. We really liked the wood veneer finish as it makes the model look more like furniture than a gadget.”Jack, Oregon
“This small speaker, with its heavy bass and high quality sound, will replace my Bose stereo system.”Stevie Jones, Mt. Pleasant, SC
“I received my Wren, plugged it in, connected to my WiFi in less than a minute and had my music playing in no time. I've decided that this speaker will be replacing the surround sound stereo in my living room. I'll be using a single speaker unit instead of 5 speakers and a 10" subwoofer. You know why? Because the Wren sounds twice as good. ”Justin Scheetz, Emmaus, PA
“The Wren V5PF is beautifully designed and made, amazingly compact and its sound is warm, expansive, and easily fills our living room with no distortion.”Toshen Golias, Colorado
“Everything about the product has impressed me - the packaging is all recyclable, the manual is easy to use, set up was a breeze, and the product is top notch. It was easy to connect to my network, works with my iPad and iTunes on my PC and my kids love using it as well.”Crutchfield User, Greensboro, NC
“Set up and sync up was simple. It took just a couple of minutes. No messy wires and clunky stereo equipment.”Edward Mihok, Baltimore, MD
“The sound quality is excellent and the finish is very nice. I chose the bamboo finish and it looks great in my living room. This is an exceptional audio device and easy to set up.”David Kelly, Torrance, CA
“I had a technical question and via the site, sent Wren my question. In an extraordinarily short amount of time I had an answer; direct, pragmatic...problem solved.”Russell Owens, Denver, CO
“Everything about it is exceptional. It's easy to set up, it fits anywhere in the room, and it's pretty! There is only one power cord and no maze of wires to trip over! A very well conceived and designed product.”Jeff M, Doylestown, PA