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Meet the V3US and V3USP!

Big Wren wireless sound in a small package with a portability option.

V3US & V3USP Wireless Speaker Gallery

The Wren V3US (and its portable variant, the V3USP with rechargeable lithium ion battery) combines DTS Play-Fi with AirPlay and Bluetooth (with aptX) connectivity to provide a world of high-fidelity streaming music from any smartphone, tablet or computer. From a single-room solution to multi-room, multi-zone streaming with up to sixteen speakers, you’re in control – no matter what your favorite device is. As with its larger sibling, the critically acclaimed V5US, the Wren V3US combines cutting-edge technology, old-school materials and build quality, and classic audio know-how. The result is a wireless speaker that harnesses the latest audio standards to deliver rich, room-filling sound, superior ease of use and a refined, elegant design.

  • All Wren speakers feature free shipping to all U.S. and Canadian locations.
  • All registered V3US speakers are backed by Wren’s industry-leading three-year warranty and our no-hassle return policy.
  • The V3US shipping box contains the V3US wireless speaker, an AC power cord, a quick start guide and safety instructions/warranty.
• Dual-band router operates on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
• 30 watt DSP controlled stereo class D amplifier
• Three-position Bass EQ switch supports a variety of speaker placement options
• Acoustically inert half-inch internally braced MDF cabinet
• 4mm low durometer silicone pad to stabilize the chassis and absorb cabinet vibration
• Inputs: AirPlay (wireless); Play-Fi (wireless); Bluetooth (wireless); Aux-in via 3.5mm stereo jack; Ethernet via RJ45 to USB connector (sold separately)
• Drivers – Two 3-inch full range drivers + Bass augmented by a 3.6” x 2.6” front-firing passive radiator
• Power – Switching power supply = 24V, 2500mA
• Battery Power – (V3USP Only) – Rechargeable Lithium Ion 16.8 V 2600 MaH 24V, 2500mA
• Battery Plays up to 9 hours from full charge (actual results depend upon volume and music type)
• Dimensions (Horizontal) – Height: 4.5 inches/11.4 cm; Depth: 4.5 inches/11.4 cm; Width: 12 inches/30.5 cm
• Dimensions (Vertical) – Height: 12 inches/30.5 cm; Depth: 4.5 inches/11.4 cm; Width: 4.5 inches/11.4 cm
• Weight (V3US) – 6.2 pounds/2.8 kg
• Weight (V3USP) – 6.7 pounds/3.0 kg

Wren V3US and V3USP
compared to V5US


* All logos are property of their respective owner(s). Some of the music services listed (above/below) may not be available in your region. You can stream all the services shown above in lossless WiFi to as many as 16 speakers using the free DTS Play-Fi app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. You can stream all music available on a PC running Windows 7 and higher via lossless WiFi using the free DTS Play-Fi app for Windows.  Other services can be streamed via lossless WiFi using AirPlay on an iOS device. You can stream any service available on virtually any smart device via Bluetooth. For more details, click here.


Wren US-Series speakers are designed so everyone can play regardless of source device. Play-Fi, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth and even analog for those old iPods, CD players, and your TV! You choose—we just makes your music sound amazing.