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Wren Sound Systems and what we’re trying to accomplish

Audio – specifically, the equipment we use to reproduce music – is getting complicated. We’re here to simplify it.

The way we get music is changing rapidly. It’s not a CD and iPod world anymore – smartphones and tablets are becoming the primary source for music. For some folks, this won’t be news at all: About half of the people with smartphones and tablets already use them as listening devices by accessing services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon’s Cloud Player and Apple’s iTunes Match.

But for others, using streaming and cloud services to get their music is a new concept. It requires different equipment – and quite frankly, a different way of thinking.

Our goal here is to offer something of value to members of both groups. Whether you’re on your 45th Pandora station or you think she’s just someone who opened a box, we want to help you better understand the new, untethered world of audio. Most importantly, we want to explain how it works and what it lets you do – simplifying what can be a complicated and confusing subject.

Whoever you are, welcome to the world of Wren Sound Systems. We think you’ll like it here.

A few disclosures

Before we go any further, we should make some things clear:

  • This isn’t a blog for technophiles. We’re here to talk about what the benefits of audio technology, not how it works at an engineering level.
  • We have an ulterior motive. Wren Sound Systems is a business. We want to sell wireless speakers that let you make the most of this new world of audio. Our purpose in creating this blog is based on a simple premise: If we help you with unbiased, clear explanations, you might come to trust us, buy products from us and tell your friends about us.

A whole new world

As a team, we have decades of experience in the audio business. We’ve seen it evolve. And we believe connected – a very important word – devices like smartphones and tablets will forever change it.

Smartphones and tablets (“mobile internet devices,” in industry speak) – not to mention laptops, e-readers and Apple’s iPod Touch – let you connect wirelessly to the internet to both receive and send data. That means they’re capable of sending music wirelessly to sound systems equipped to receive wireless signals.

Imagine a world without cords between your device and your speaker. A world where room-filling sound becomes as easy as the solo headphone experience is now. A world where the potential of your portable device is unlocked as a remote control.

That’s the new world of audio. And that’s the world of Wren.

Stay tuned

But enough about Wren. The next series of posts here will be about audio, sound quality and recent trends in the industry. (You know, the complicated stuff we talked about earlier.) So stay tuned. And post away – your comments are always welcome.

– Mike Giffin

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